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undefined In less than a decade, social media has transformed how businesses around the world interact and engage prospects and customers. The trade contractors have specifically been able to reach out to their target audience, converting browsers into buyers.

Of course, with potential buyers on social media, even in the business-to-business setting, businesses are becoming more vulnerable to bad reviews and negative word of mouth. For this reason, trade contractors cannot be taken lightly. If you are in the trades industry, read on for some of our top contractor marketing tips.

Don't Ignore Mobile

Mobile has already skyrocketed in recent years – and it isn't going anywhere soon! Mobile browsing for business information will continue to grow at a fast pace throughout 2016 and into 2017. Customers will expect easier ways to contact you, right at their fingertips.


With the majority of visitors abandoning the funnel when visiting a contractor's website, remarketing is incredibly important. Contractors will need to find new and interesting ways to stay top of mind with their customers to drive customers back through the conversion funnel for 2015.

Persona Driven Content

Contractors must become customer-centric and look at their business through the lens of the customer – not the business owner's lens. Contractors need to start understanding what their customer personas want and need from the trades contractor and create an online experience around this.

Invest in Social Media

Long gone are the days where social media is free. In order to play with the big dogs, you're going to need to pay. Social platforms will continue to make significant algorithm changes which will affect the social reach of sales-driven content. If you don't plan on paying, your messaging is sure to get lost.

Audio Visual Content

Visual content makes the biggest impact. Over 80% of people will remember what they see and do, while only 10% of people remember what they hear. Visual storytelling is incredibly important when it comes to engaging a community online.

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