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undefinedDo you need help connecting with other businesses on Facebook? In this article, we discuss how top B2Bs use Facebook to reach and create relationships.

Expert Positioning with Visuals

Facebook is largely a visual social network. If you are posting unengaging pictures or only text posts, not only will your reach be quite low, but you are less likely to engage your audience. Instead, use high quality imagery with a bold font and one key message to exert yourself as an expert.

Facebook Live

In order to position yourself as an expert, use Facebook Live on a regular basis. Facebook Live is a great way to engage your audience. Plus, users watch live videos three times longer than they watch pre-recorded videos, giving you an idea of how important Facebook Live videos really are.

Set a day and time for broadcasts and promote them so your fans know when they can see you live. Encourage people to engage by asking questions.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has a highly targeted ad platform, which has proven to be incredibly lucrative for many B2Bs. Use ads to speak directly to those interested in a product or service.

Be sure to install the Facebook tracking pixel on your website. The pixel will automatically add anyone you send to your website from Facebook to a custom audience you can then retarget with Facebook ads.

Native Videos

Facebook has an average of 8 billion video views per day. Wow! If you haven't tapped into videos yet, there is a great opportunity – especially for B2Bs. Native videos published directly to your Facebook page generate significantly greater reach than a standard text, image, or link-based status update. Plus, compared to photo posts, branded video content has a 148% greater organic reach.

  Posted: Tuesday, November 15th, 8:18pm 3 years ago

End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

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