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Industrial Marketing is business-to-business marketing to sell services or raw materials that will eventually be turned into products and sold to consumers. Traditionally, Industrial Marketing efforts focused on things like print ads in industry publications or magazines and expensive market research.

Even though B2B and B2C marketing are somewhat different, both forms have been greatly influenced by the internet, email, and social media platforms.

1. Organic Search is responsible for 51 percent of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites.

Organic search helps many industries succeed in getting the word out there. This includes business services, entertainment, media, hospitality, technology, and retail industries.

A business’ organic search results can be improved by making sure that basic business information available online is correct, like their phone number, hours of operation, and address.

2. From 2014 to 2015, 70 percent of B2B marketers said they started creating more content.

Content is valuable. Rather than being bombarded with outdated marketing tactics, today’s young adults prefer to do their own research and scope potential businesses and services out for themselves.

Publishing interesting and relevant content means customers are not only buying a business' products, but also turning to them for advice and entertainment. Valuable content gets a business more website views and gives customers more reasons to recommend a business to their friends and family.

3. Email is US Internet users' favorite method for communicating with businesses, at 69.7 percent.

Even though social media is extremely popular, one study conducted by Principal Financial Group found that most adults prefer communicating with businesses by email.

Customers want to feel like it is easy to connect with the businesses they deal with and know they are being heard. Emails are great since customers aren't stuck on hold as they often are on the phone, emails can be saved, and they’re more private than social media interactions.

4. Content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than out-of-date marketing strategies.

B2B marketers are turning their focus towards content marketing because it provides better value in the long term in comparison to older, more costly marketing tactics. Smart content marketing establishes businesses as industry leaders.

Better yet, content marketing helps improve business' SEO ratings and drives more website views. It’s marketing that customers like because it isn’t too pushy or flashy.


Every business should be open to questioning and innovating their marketing strategy if they want to succeed in today’s business world. Most of today's top consumers are online researching and comparing companies before making a decision.

Companies that are hard to find online, or don’t use the internet at all, risk falling behind if they don’t embrace new marketing tactics.

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