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In such a fast-paced world, marketing experts need to be flexible and adapt to stay relevant. Using the same marketing tactics you used ten, or even two, years ago just isn't enough. Here are four of the top marketing trends to look out for in 2017. Incorporate some or all of these in your own strategy to help reach your marketing goals this year.

1. Provide a superior customer experience

With the internet and smart devices, your customers can interact with your brand from just about anywhere. It is crucial to design their experience so these interactions are positive. This can be anything from using chat bot to help answer people's questions, sharing the right content, or doing something unique and memorable that customers will love.

2. Market at the right time

Marketing to your target audience is always a good thing, but imagine how much more effective it could be if you waited until exactly the right moment. Look for opportunities like events and partnerships that can help you get your message to a wider, actively listening audience.

3. Improve your social media marketing

If you are not taking part in social media marketing, it's time to start. SMM is a cost-effective way to market your sales and services, plus it is a great way to increase engagement with your brand. Focus on creating strong content and starting a conversation with customers to learn more about their needs.

4. Create more visual content

Words are great but when it comes to marketing they don't hold too much weight on their own these days. Incorporate pictures, videos, GIFs, emojis, infographics, and any other visual content that you can think of to capture your audience's interest and then use a few carefully chosen words to explain what you can do for them.

  Posted: Monday, January 9th, 7:47pm 3 years ago

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Spartan Spark helped me take my site, that was already 7 months in development and basically re-build it in 7 weeks - and rocked! -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

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