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Over the course of 2016, live broadcasting apps like Twitter's Periscope became popular and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram added 'Live' functions that are simple and free to use.

Using 'Live' video as a marketing tool is great for a few reasons:

1. Customer experience

Creating positive experiences that customers can associate with your brand is a great way to get people talking about you. Going 'Live' gives customers an opportunity to be the first to see what is going on as it unfolds. In a way, this is quite different from watching a video after the fact.

2. Boost engagement

'Live' videos are a great way to boost your audience's engagement with your brand. In addition to tuning into the video feed, viewers can share different icons like hearts or smiles, and they can leave comments and questions for you or start conversations with each other. This gives businesses a chance to respond to individual comments and make followers feel special for having been noticed.

3. Expanded possibilities

Think of all the things that are possible with 'Live' video!

  • countdowns
  • Q&As
  • webinars
  • entertainment
  • announcements
  • behind the scenes peeks


'Live' video has been making waves in the marketing world over the last couple of years. This method of reaching customers is expected to keep gaining momentum this year. It is a great way for businesses to interact in real time and create memorable experiences for their target audiences.

  Posted: Monday, February 20th, 7:58pm 3 years ago

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