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Running Facebook ads can seem like a confusing process for people who have never done it before. Businesses that don't have a large budget for advertising want to make sure that they are going to get a return on their investment.

With a little bit of research into how Facebook ads work, companies can design and run effective campaigns to educate potential buyers and increase sales.

Here are 3 tips for running effective ads on Facebook:

1. Have a Goal and a Target Audience in Mind

The first step to running an effective Facebook ad campaign is to have a goal in mind.

Is your goal to increase the number of email subscribers you have on your list? Do you want to reach out to potential customers in your local area and let them know what your business has to offer?

Knowing who you want to reach and why will help you design the right ad to get the job done.

2. Take Advantage of Targeting and Audience Insights

Facebook is great because they have a community of over two billion users waiting to be reached. You can set up targeted ad campaigns by:

  • Selecting your audience based on factors like age and location
  • Uploading your own contacts
  • Using information about your existing contacts to reach out to more people like them

Audience Insights is another great tool that allows you to learn more about the type of people who make up your customer base, how they live, and what they like.

3. Use Compelling Images, Copy, and a Call to Action

Another important element of creating killer Facebook ads is using high-quality images with compelling copy and a call to action. Make sure your ads are visually attractive and not too busy.

Without using too many words, make sure that people know what you want them to do next.

Do you want them to subscribe to your email newsletter? Visit your website? Call to book an appointment or make a reservation?


Successful Facebook advertising involves getting specific with your goals and your target audience.

By monitoring the progress of your ad campaigns and making small changes, you can see what works and what doesn’t and harness the power of paid advertising to grow your business.

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  Posted: Saturday, July 22nd, 10:02am 2 years ago

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