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Retargeting or “remarketing” is a kind of advertising used to target potential customers who visit your website without buying anything or following your call to action, whether it was to inquire about your services, make a reservation, or sign up for your email list.

To do this, companies use Javascript code to track visitors to their website anonymously using cookies. This way, you can see when someone from your website is browsing somewhere else on the internet and then target ads to those people.

Don’t worry, this process is legal and doesn’t involve gathering any sensitive information about your potential customers!

Here are a few reasons why retargeting is so effective:

1. Higher ROI

When a person who recently visited your website is online and sees your ad pop up, it sparks their interest because they were just looking into your products and/or services.

This leads to a higher return on your investment because you are advertising to people who are already aware that your company exists and likely need something that you can offer.

2. It’s Fast - Retargeting Means Bidding on Ad Space in Real Time

This process happens so seamlessly that, when it’s done well, the person doesn’t even know that it’s happening.

When they open a new page, the retargeter is notified and can bid on ad space in real time. If the retargeter is successful, the ad loads when the rest of the page loads.

3. Increases Conversion Rates

Not only does retargeting get you a bigger return on your investment, it also helps you improve your conversion rates. It’s normal for people to visit your site and not buy the first time.

Retargeting increases the chance that those people will come back and buy next time instead of forgetting about your company and finding someone else to serve their needs.

4. Improves Brand Recognition

Retargeting improves brand recognition and trustworthiness. A potential customer isn’t likely to buy from you the first time they visit your website or hear about your company.

Once they have seen your logo, learned a little more about you, and spotted ads for your company online a few times, they are more likely to see you as legitimate and make the purchase next time they visit your website.

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  Posted: Thursday, August 3rd, 3:27pm 2 years ago

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