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Version 6.9, Mar 13, 2018 Release Notes

The key focus of this release was to partially release as much of our Face Lift project as possible, bringing parallax and other UX improvements to the public site. We called this project Face Punch. The staff system also got a major upgrade to support enabling and disabling roles, and renaming of public titles.

There were a ton of UX improvements in the backend software, including debouncing, and allowing content authors to see content live on the website before it's publicly available. Public profiles (and hidden profiles) are also much better respected in this release.

We also added a store locator service with solidGeo IP support, regions, and verticals. We had a big collection of SEO changes, which included adding Facebook Pixel support and Bing XML support. We have also greatly improved our canonical metadata, after reviewing those details at


  • #1474 face punch
  • #2466 P1 Feature: Distributor locations sidebar, sorting distributors page improvements
  • #0 ability to hide services from public display
  • #2466 P1 Feature: Distributor/store locations with geoip support
  • #0 Enable Wiki page renaming
  • #0 featureallowcontentapproverstoseecontentbeforeitgoeslive
  • #3321 ability to add custom javascripts per site
  • #3300 Client Content Reporting Weekly
  • #3476 blog_ticket created to track blogs from tickets
  • #3467 added the Facebook Tracking Pixel.
  • #0 team view includes resolved tickets
  • #0 improved searches across all pages, as well as persisting better
  • #0 staff pages work much better
  • #3539 #3538 fixes were based on reports for title length, abstract length requirements, and duplicated canonial
  • #3476 P1 Feature: find ticket with ticket_url or create new ticket needs cors
  • #3962 P2 Feature: Bing XML file in Build
  • #3959 P4 Feature: events page title for future events, i.e., for event_id
  • #3960 P1 Feature: Debounce in text fields
  • #0 1/2/3/4 product offers supported and improved associations
  • #0 made canonical use req.route.path to be much more consistant to fix canonical meta


  • #3598 P1 Bug: Can't find users in - burn, users no longer hidden
  • #2795 P1 Bug: Contact Us Map Fix - Safari. Removed extra slash from favicon which seems to fix the problem


  Posted: Thursday, August 9th, 10:00am a year ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Bernie Lees

Bernie is a Release Engineer who brings over 12 years of release management experience across diverse and complex service oriented architecture, and has been able to produce results within large corporations such as Shaw, Telus and Netteller.

Spartan Spark software has been developed since 1999 under the direction of Bernie Lees, who saw the need to automating business processes to free employees from time consuming tasks.

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