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I've got a great looking website, why isn't it doing well in the search engines?

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners is when it comes to deciding between SEXY OR SMART?

Business owners often get bad advice or get caught up in the "hype" of how their website should look.

Yes it's part of your business branding.

Yes it should be professional.

But the mistake comes when you choose looks over function, user experience (and personality!)

Here are 3 important tips business owners should consider before deciding who to hire to develop their website:

1. Your Mom was right! Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean its right.

Even though you might hate to admit it, your mom was right! Don't get caught up in the "hype" of what else is out there. Most business owners don't ask important questions like:

"How will this affect my website's ranking in the search engines?"

And more often than not, the person they're dealing with ISNT an SEO expert.

Jeff came to us after he was sold on a "flash" website, asked if it was going to optimized for the search engines and was told, "Yes, yes, everything is under control". But it wasnt.

Jeff paid thousands of dollars and got a great looking website that the search engines COULD NOT INDEX.

When you're looking at flash websites, make sure you have a healthy budget, anything less than $20,000, most likely won't be able to index well in the search engines, because flash is expensive and being Search Engine Friendly with Flash is even more expensive.

2. Does your client like you flashing them?

Have you considered that most people are browsing the net on smart phones and tablets now? If you've opted to use sexy, sultry, flash for your website then your visitors can't see ANYTHING at all. Instead you're "flashing them" with an error page!

If you're set on Flash, then you should put it into Phase 2 of your web development. You should implement it 6 months to a year later when you've run all the numbers, looked at your metrics and you know exactly what kind of user is visiting your page.

3. Bigger is Better. That's what they say!

Another common error is having large header banners on each page that take up valuable //marketing and sales// space, especially for those browsing on smartphones and tablets.

Don't get me wrong! We're are all about sexy!

Just like in any relationship, you want to court your online visitors first. Find out who's coming, how they're getting there, what browser and device they're using. You want to tell them, in an un-intimidating way who you are.. in other words you want to make it easy for your visitor to find out more about you.

For a small business a website with the latest "fashion" bells and whistles isn't worth spending all your money on. Instead go for a good looking website whose heart and soul is all about lead generation. Make sure that at minimum you've got these 4 essential parts:

  1. Speed
  2. Valuable Content
  3. A way to capture emails
  4. A blog formated for the Search Engines

Would you rather have a website that looks like a hollywood movie or a website that attracts leads and converts them into clients?

Don't Blow Your Budget on Looks

In summary, if you've got a limited budget, don't blow it on looks, instead opt for functionality, and use the money to bring in traffic through Google Adwords for example. Upgrade to something fancier later when you have more information about your users' preferences. Go for a simple and professional design, work on some great content, launch immediately and start testing.

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  Posted: Wednesday, January 6th, 7:42pm 4 years ago
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