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3 Tips for your Web Strategy that I learned from an article about the real Don Draper from Mad Men:

  1. The difference between a designer and a strategist. 2. Tell YOUR story. 3. Say no to Wordpress!

  1. I think the aim [as a designer] is to tell the story. You don’t give a damn whether it’s hanging on the wall or is put into the trash afterwards. The painter is painting something emotional. It’s a point of view, you know? And they rub shoulders once in a while, the artist and the designer.”

When it comes to your website the difference between a graphic designer and a website strategist is that the graphic designer is all about creating a piece of art from your website, whereas a website strategist is creating your website as a tool for your business.

Like I said in a business meeting eariler today "What's the point in having a Ferrarri sitting outside if it has no engine. If you're website isn't attracting clients, and turning them from visitors into followers (at a minimum) then somethings not right.

2. “He didn’t like pretty pictures,” he recalls. “He wanted them to tell a story. He was direct – ‘Is that a red dress? Well make it red, dammit!’ ”

It's not about the pretty pictures on your website. Please please, if you're hiring a web designer, as them NOT to use the most popular pictures on istock photo or fotolia. Find unique pictures that actually convey what you do. Even better take pictures of your own people or of your customers. Real pictures tell a real story.

Tell YOUR story, your potential customers want to know what you're passionate about - spend some time focusing on your ABOUT page, tell people why you love what you're doing, that they should work with you because you're passionate about what you do and you're a rockstar at it, instead of the other business owner who does a million other things and just does this on the side.

3. A lot of it’s done that way – a lot of artists try to do what the other guy’s doing. But it doesn’t work that way, really. It takes confidence and belief.”

Alot of people are using Wordpress Websites, just because a million people are using them, does that mean it's the best thing for you? No, absolutely not. In our opinion Wordpress website are the WORST things for you. You're better off to find the right person to design you a website that has all the functionality you need. That does well on the search engines, that shows off your expertise, that's right for your business and makes you money.

It's an apples and oranges decision. It's like saying, we'll I'd like to open a high end bakery and then you choose to rent a space in The Bronx. What???!!

Find out what you need to look for in a website that is a TOOL for your business and gets you clients- message me, I'll tell you my thoughts…. I'm blunt because I want you to succeed!


  Posted: Saturday, March 28th, 10:45pm 5 years ago
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