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Linked Inis a social platform that allows for professionals to share content, find answers, make contacts, and establish themselves as an industry expert. Although you’ve built out your professional profile, and perhaps your business page, you may find yourself lost at what you can do to form relationships and grow your business. Let’s look at some effective ways on how you can leverageLinked Into grow your business.

1.Gain: Send personalized connection requests

There are many people onLinked Inthat take the easy route and reach out to others by sending generic greeting messages. Generic messages are simply not effective. Many people find these types of messages to be spammy and are less likely to be respond.

Instead, try a more detailed and personalized approach. Yes – this is a bit more time consuming than sending a pre-contrived message, but a little extra effort will go a long way.

First, identify key people that you would like to reach out to and form a relationship with. Next, identify things that you may have in common with that person from theirLinked Inprofile. Example icebreakers include:

  • Do you have any shared connections?
  • Can you tell you have some of the same interests?
  • Are you a part of any of the sameLinked Ingroups?
  • Are you active in the same nonprofit groups?

These type of icebreakers will give you a greater chance of future opportunities because they show that you put in time and effort. Personalized messages give you an edge over people that are flooding prospects with generalized messages.

2. Engage: Join Groups and Create Valuable Content

It’s important to joinLinked Ingroups that are specific to your customers and prospects. Once you identify key groups, create valuable content surrounding how-to’s, hot industry topics, trends, and resourceful guides.

Remember, it’s important not to “broadcast” your content across aLinked Ingroup. Try engaging inLinked Indiscussions and asking questions. If you’re creating valuable content, and engaging in discussion, you’ll start to be seen as an industry leader and people will want to do business with you.

Another important benefit of joining groups is you can send direct messages to anyone in that group. Therefore, you can target an individual that is not a direct connection. Remember to personalize your introductory message!

3.Create: Your OwnLinked InGroup

Don’t just joinLinked Ingroups – create your own and become a thought leader.

Create a group by going to Interests > Groups. Then click “create a group” on the right hand side and fill out the requested information. Click “create group” and choose to create an open or members-only group.

There are a lot of different benefits for creating your own group. Your can establish yourself as an expert in a specific field and help you create connections. Think about different ways to differentiate your group – what will you offer your members, why would people want to join?

Focus on the quality of the people that are joining your group, not the quantity – you don’t want the group to get to the point where moderating becomes unbearable. Find the right balance between posting content and linking back to your website for more information to help promote your business. Encourage your contacts to join, share links within other groups, and leverage other social media platforms to spread the word about your new group. Then, post thought provoking questions and valuable content to see your group grow organically.

4.Build: Your Email Marketing List Once you connect with professionals, send them a thank you email and invite them to be a part of your email marketing list.

In order to entice people for signing up for the email list, tell them what they will receive (tips, tricks, content, offers), and perhaps give them a sneak peak at what type of content will be arriving in their inbox. Create the right mix in your email newsletter campaign by balancing offers and valuable content to generate the highest click-through-rate and the most engagement.

5. Promote: Push Sponsored Updates

With sponsored updates, businesses pay to push their posts to professionals on theirLinked Infeed. You can either “pay per click” (CPC) or “pay per 1,000” (CPM).Linked Inoffers targeting tools similar to other social platforms (location, gender, age), but unlike other social platforms, you can target towards company name, job title, job function, skills, schools, and groups.

A sponsored post can be an excellent way to promote the content you have created that is educational, useful, and contains a strong call to action. It is highly suggested to promote content vs. a sales pitch because people respond better to useful, thought provoking information. In return, you’ll receive increased website visits and can even generate leads.

Conclusion In this article we’ve given you a few actionable ways for you to grow your business with an important professional social network that is only getting bigger. It’s important to dive in and start engaging now in order to be ahead of your competition. Want to learn more about how you can grow your business? Check out our LinkedIn Spartan Spark Business Page for more articles or visit our "Spark Your Business" Video Library

  Posted: Tuesday, May 19th, 9:11pm 5 years ago
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Through articles, vlogs, training and speaking engagements, Dafne shares her marketing knowledge, showing business owners how to leverage all the knowledge they have and use technology to their advantage to increase visibility and lower their cost of acquisition.

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