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undefinedDo you feel like Pinterest is burying your pins? Are you struggling to get more visibility on Pinterest? While you may feel like pinning more is the answer to increasing your visibility, this isn’t always the case. In this article, you find four tips that will help you improve your exposure on Pinterest.

Clean Up

Pinterest has a specific algorithm that can be sort of tricky to understand. In layman’s terms, Pinterest is more likely to show your content if it views your account as high quality. One way to make sure your account is up to date is to go through your boards on a monthly basis and delete all of the pins that have fewer than five repins.

This is a time consuming task, however, it will really help you build a robust Pinterest presence.

Choose Pins Carefully

When choosing to pin and repin something, make sure that it is popular. This seems like common sense, however, when getting lost in the pinning world, it’s tempting to repin every image that looks appealing. Find “pinfluencers” that have a large following and see if you can start connecting with them and sharing their content in a relationship that can be mutually beneficial.

Verify your website on Pinterest

If you haven’t already, verify your website on Pinterest. Not only will this make your Pinterest page more credible, it also will help you view your website stats. Then, you can see what type of content from your website is most popular.

Include Keyword Rich Descriptions

When pinning your own content, make sure to include keywords in your description. Be descriptive as possible so that your pin has an opportunity to get the most visibility. What tips have you found that have helped your visibility on Pinterest? Leave us a comment below!

  Posted: Tuesday, June 14th, 2:01pm 3 years ago

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