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undefinedSocial media is undoubtedly an exciting way to reach new audiences and nurture existing customers in order to build trust, create awareness, and generate business. However, we realize it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out where to start. In this article, we’ll explain how you can tap into your local audience in an effort to help your reach your business goals.

Connecting with your Local Audience

Local business ads are the best way to find new customers. If you are a local business, you can target people by serving ads to prospects that are in your neighborhood. Facebook offers a lot of tools to business users in the way of advertising. You can boost your business page to appear on the news feed of an audience in a specific geographic location, a specific age, and with a particular set of interest. You can easily set your budget then start serving ads to local people in your area.

How to Get Started

Creating an ad just takes a few steps:

1. Select the Local Awareness option in your ad creation tool. Then, select the page of the business you want to promote.

2. Enter your business’s address and the radius around which you want to advertise. A map will show you the area covered by your ad.

3. Then, choose the age and gender you would like to target. Set a budget and duration for your ad. (This will populate your estimated daily reach. You can play around with the targeting to hit different reaches).

4. Get creative: Lastly, enter the imagery and text for your ad.

Top Tips for Local Ads

Aside from your targeting being very important, it’s also important to add enticing images and texts to your ads. This will make your ads more appealing and eye catching. Text should include a “why” – as in, why should someone visit your business? Why is your business the best? What do you have to offer? Without this, your ad won’t be very clickable.

We also strongly suggest adding a call to action button. Some different ones to choose from are “Call Us,” “Get Directions,” and “Learn More.” Pick whichever call to action fits best for your company.

Lastly, remember to drive your audience to a conversion oriented page. Without a conversion oriented landing page, your campaign may not be very successful. For example, if you are a local restaurant and your ad reads “check out our NEW menu,” take the user directly to the new menu, so they can find the information they are looking for fast.

The Bottom Line

When used correctly, local Facebook ads can drive awareness, increase in-store sales, and reach the people you care about in your area.

  Posted: Tuesday, June 28th, 2:10pm 3 years ago

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