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undefinedNowadays, more companies, both big and small, are incorporating user generated content (UGC) into their marketing strategies. User generated content is content that the community shares with a business. This content could be photos, videos, testimonials, or social media posts that can then be re-shared by the brand. UGC can influence buyer behavior and is becoming incredibly important to businesses' social and marketing strategies.

Benefits of User Generated Content

User generated content can benefit your business or brand in a variety of different ways:

Builds Trust: User generated content on your site shows that people want to identify with your business or brand.

Creates Community: UGC will help build a community of people who believe in your brand.

Increases Loyalty: UGC will promote loyalty among your followers.

Extends your Reach: Social media users are more likely to share UGC with their networks. This will help extend your reach across social networks.

Social Proof: Potential customers want to know if other people have found your product or service useful or if they had a pleasant experience. UGC can provide the social proof that will help you get more leads.

Successful User Generated Content Campaigns

So, UGC sounds great! You may be wondering how to get started. Here are our top tips for successfully outlining your UGC strategy.

1. Determine the content you want

Before you start asking for content, determine the type of content you need. This will depend largely on your audience and the purpose of UGC.

For example, if your business is a visually-oriented product, you can ask customers to share photos of themselves and your product. If you are selling something that may require a bit more of an explanation, a video would probably be more effective.

2. Understand your audience

The type of UGC that you receive will depend largely on your audience. For example, if your audience tends to skew younger and is more digitally savvy, then focusing on Instagram could be a great option. However, an older audience may favor Facebook. We suggest seeing where you get the most engagement and draw upon that.

3. Incentivize your Audience

It’s unlikely that your audience is going to share content with you without any incentive. Be sure that the relationship is mutually beneficial by offering some sort of incentive like a coupon or being entered into a draw. You can also consider running a competition, where the winner would get a prize for getting the most “likes.” This will increase engagement and interest for the specific campaign.

4. Repurpose UGC

Think of new and interesting ways to add UGC across your platforms. You can even incorporate it into your advertising campaigns. For instance, blending an ad with authentic customer testimonials will make your marketing campaigns even stronger.

The Bottom Line: UGC

When executed correctly, UGC will strengthen your business, increase your reach, and enhance trust between your business and consumers. Follow the above tips to create a successful UGC campaign!

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