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undefined Just recently there have been some Facebook ad changes that marketers need to be aware of. Read below to familiarize yourself with what Facebook has changed on their ad platform.

20 Percent Text Rule Change

Until recently, any Facebook ad image with more than 20% text would be rejected.

Now, Facebook has abandoned the rule, meaning advertisers can have as much text as they want in their image. However, the more text in the image, the less reach it will achieve and the more it will cost to run such an ad.

Custom Audiences

Facebook has a new Custom Audiences advanced feature, so marketers can create an audience based on frequency. This means now you can narrow your target audience to those who have visited your website at least three times, spent a certain percentile of time, and other advanced rules.

Dynamic Ads

Facebook changed dynamic product ads to dynamic ads. A dynamic ad gives you the ability to upload a product feed. This is useful for e-commerce sites. When people visit your site and view a product, you can dynamically show them a product in an ad.

We know social media can be overwhelming, however, staying up to date on the latest changes and transformations will help your brand excel when it comes to social media marketing.

  Posted: Wednesday, August 10th, 3:35am 3 years ago

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