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undefined Do you use Instagram for your business?

Instagram can be a great branding and lead generation platform. Fortunately, Instagram has just allowed marketers to switch to a business profile, which will offer a number of insights and features that many business owners will find useful.

Let’s take a look at how to set up your business profile and take advantage of the new features.

Setting Up

Sign into your Instagram app and tap on your profile photo at the bottom right. Next, tap the settings wheel icon at the top right.

Search for “Switch to Business Profile.” If you have the option in your settings, it means you have access to the new Instagram business profile. Congratulations!

The set up process will ask you to connect to your Facebook page, and connect a phone number, email, or location.

Benefits of Instagram Business Profile

You’ll want to consider switching over your Instagram profile in order to see how your posts are performing. The new platform also allows businesses to create promotions easily from the platform.

Discover Instagram Insights

Look at the top of your business profile next to your settings wheel icon. You’ll see a bar graph icon – this is where you can find your Instagram insights.

After you post something on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the reach, website clicks from your business profile, and impressions on your post.

Audience Insights

The new platform also allows users to get a breakdown of your followers. Look at your audience’s gender, age range, location, and time of day they are most likely to be online. This can help you plan your Instagram posting schedule.

Promote Instagram Posts

In order to promote a post, tap on the Promote Link. It will take you through various steps such as choosing your call to action, audience, budget, and duration of the promotion.

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