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undefined By humanizing your social media presence, you’ll not only create better engagement with your fans and followers, but you’ll create a trustworthy and authoritative brand voice. By engaging your audience, you’ll create an audience of loyal customers.

If you haven’t considered a social media strategy that includes humanizing your brand, you’ll want to start thinking about being less promotional and more conversational. Here are 4 ways to get started.

Be Personable

Corporate speak can make a company come across as boring. While a corporate, professional tone is appropriate from some content outlets, social media is one place where you can bend the rules. There is much more freedom to talk in a relaxed, personal, and friendly voice on social media than ever before. So, when crafting your tweets and Facebook posts, remember to speak to your audience in a conversational tone.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

How boring would it be if you went to a brand’s twitter and all they were talking about were their products?

It’s important to remember to not strictly post promotional items that pertain to your brand, but mix in industry-related articles, user-generated content, or a picture that showcases your employees.

This mix will engage users instead of pushing them away. When in doubt, follow the 80/20 rule, which is sharing engaging content 80 percent of the time, and promotional/product/service related content 20 percent of the time in order to avoid a spammy-looking account.

Listen and Respond

Set yourself up with Google Alerts or a social listening tool like Mention and start tracking your brand name. If someone mentions your brand name, whether it be in a positive or negative sentiment, be sure to respond appropriately. Your customers, and prospective customers, will take note, and this will further humanize your company.

Have a Sense of Humor

Social media doesn’t always have to be serious. Be sure to mix it up with some laughs! By sharing engaging content, you’ll form a real connection with your audience. Plus, your audience will enjoy getting to know your humorous side.

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