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undefined LinkedIn is a great tool for building a strong personal brand. Unfortunately, if your Linked In is not filled out effectively and optimized to its fullest capacity, you won’t be able to get everything you want out of the platform.

Optimizing your Linked In profile will help you generate more profile views, which can assist your networking efforts. If you are looking to optimize your Linked In profile, read on.


Most importantly, it is imperative that your Linked In profile is completely filled out. Make sure that your profile is completely filled out without any blank spaces or gaps. Get “All Star” Linked In status by filling out the following information:

  • Industry and location
  • Current and two past positions
  • Education information
  • Add three skills
  • Have 50+ connections

Also, be sure to add a professional profile picture. If you don’t have a professional picture, have someone take one of you. First impressions are everything!

Think SEO

In the summary section of your profile, this is the perfect place to add in keywords that pertain to your industry and position. You can also add keywords to your summary. SEO is essential to optimizing your profile. By adding keywords, your profile is more likely to appear in the search when recruiters, executives, or Linked In users are searching.

Add Projects

We highly recommend adding projects to your Linked In profile. Not only will this help to beef-up your profile, it will give other Linked In users the opportunity to see the high quality work you can produce.

Brag A Little

Don’t forget to showcase your awards, volunteer experience, organizations, and causes that you care about. These pieces also contribute to a higher search ranking! Plus, it gives Linked In users insights into learning a bit more about you.

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End to End Marketing Process

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After being frustrated with other service providers. Spartan Spark got our website up and linked to a payment system over just a weekend. -Patricia Marin - Calgary Family Services

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