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undefined Optimizing blog posts used to be straightforward: pick a keyword, then use that keyword naturally throughout your blog post.

With SEO constantly evolving and changing, it can seem overwhelming to try and keep up. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase your search rankings on your blog posts.

Use Synonyms

It used to be that you could write one blog post per keyword. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Users are looking for in-depth content that uses a varied vocabulary. This includes synonyms, related phrases and concepts.

Serpstat is an awesome tool that allows you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and those that you are not. You can use the tool to see what keywords you are missing, then use that information to optimize your existing blog posts.

Refer to Notable People, Places

More recently, Google has focused on reading “entities,” or people, places, organizations, brands, etc. Google has been focusing on these, giving content more importance over content that does not mention these types of entities. Incorporating notable people, places, organizations, and brands can be the extra boost that your blog needs to rank higher.

Answer Questions

With Google’s new quick answer boxes, it is becoming more important than ever to answer niche questions. This is prime SERP real estate to try and claim!

Answer The Public is a cool tool for content inspiration and question-focused keyword research. Type any word into Answer The Public to see a visualization of various types of questions people ask using that word.

  Posted: Tuesday, August 23rd, 12:35pm 3 years ago

End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

After being frustrated with other service providers. Spartan Spark got our website up and linked to a payment system over just a weekend. -Patricia Marin - Calgary Family Services

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