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undefined With a million tweets going out every second, Facebook posts being constantly updated, and tons of messages reaching consumers every minute, the competition to get in front of your audience is fierce. That’s why it is incredibly important to find unique and creative ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Have you considered using video to promote your blog posts? Creating videos to amplify the impact of your blog is an eye-catching way to promote your content and drive people to your website. Here are some ways to do it:

Slideshare Video

Linked In uses a short Slideshare video of daily headlines to give users an idea of what’s going on in the media. You can find this on LinkedIn’s Daily Digest Channel.

The videos are short, only a minute long, but they give viewers a quick view of important headlines.

You can emulate this by creating a Slideshare video. If you are new to using SlideShare, Haiku Deck is an incredibly easy way to create your own SlideShare​. Simply add your slides to HaikuDeck, export as a PDF and then create the video.

Incorporate Snapchat

Snapchat is very popular. One way to use it to drive traffic to your blog is to start a topic on your Snapchat channel. One of your employees can pose a question or raise awareness about a certain issue or topic and then drive people to your website to continue the conversation or digest information.

You Tube

The obvious platform for posting videos is YouTube. But, did you know that after Google, You Tube is the top search platform? This means that there is plenty of opportunity for marketers!

If you haven’t already set up a You Tube channel, we suggest you do so. You can use your blog post topics to start discussions and further drive people to your blog.

Instagram Videos

Instagram has always been popular and they just added a “snapchat-esque” live video area to their platform. You can give behind the scenes views, draw attention to your blogs, and put out teasers about topics that you’ll be writing about in upcoming blog posts to take advantage of this platform. This can further draw eyes to your content on your blog.

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