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undefined Do you want more repeat customers? Socials ads are one way to advertise to your existing customers. LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all let you deliver ads to your actual customers.

Here are some helpful hints on how to reach your target audience on popular social networks.

Advertising on Linked In

Recent changes have allowed Linked In businesses to upload a list of up to 30,000 companies. Linked In will automatically target ads to those companies’ employees.

The platform is not yet fully self-service. You’ll need to register for a consultation with an account rep. They will help you with your ad targeting, which allows you to choose parameters like geographic location, job seniority, job title, and gender.


In 2013, Pinterest launched promoted pins, but they just incorporated customer list targeting into their ad platform.

This allows you to upload your customer email list to its ad platform as a CSV file. Just sign into Pinterest Ads Manager, click Ads, then Audiences. Keep in mind that Pinterest will only allow you to target an audience list of 100 people or more.


You may not realize it, but Twitter’s ad platform allows you to target people who have had a previous engagement with your content or website. To use this feature, head to your Twitter Ads dashboard and select Audience Manager from the Tools menu. Next, click on Create New Audience and select Upload your Own List.


Facebook’s Custom Audiences also lets you upload your email lists. This allows you to re-target people, remind them about emailed offers, promote sales, or run exclusive sales for people who are subscribed to your email but not fans of your Facebook page.

To use this feature, visit Facebook Ads Manager and click on the Create Campaign button. Choose an objective. Then, in the Audience box, click on the Create New tab and make sure to uncheck the Prefill with options from your last ad set box. Click on the Create New drop-down menu under the Custom Audiences box and choose Custom Audience. In the box that opens, select Customer List and then upload a file. Voila! You are set up to reach your existing customer list.

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