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undefined It’s simply not enough to post things on social media. To get the best return out of social media marketing, you’ll need to dig deep into analytics to see if your Twitter marketing is working. Here are some tips for analyzing your Twitter analytics.

What’s in Twitter Analytics?

Twitter offers a variety of data that you can access by going to You’ll start off with an overview on the Home tab, from which you can scroll down to view data on tweets, audiences, videos, and more.

On the Overview section, you can see the total number of impressions for all of your tweets. Impressions are the actual number of people who saw your tweets on their Twitter timeline.

Profile visits are the total number of people who visited your profile on mobile and desktop combined. This number is important because when you have a great pin that is pinned to the top of your profile, the number of people that visit your profile will see that awesome pin.

These powerful insights will allow you to see how much traffic is coming to your Twitter profile. In addition, be sure to see if you are building a relevant audience on Twitter. In Twitter Analytics, look at the profile of your audience to make sure it is relevant. Engage with that audience to be sure you are targeting the right people to drive quality traffic from your social channels.

Set Up Tracking Codes

With every link that you post, you should be setting up UTM parameters. You can use the Google URL Builder to help craft it. This will allow you to go into Google Analytics and look at a specific campaign to see what type of content is helping to drive leads or conversion on your site. This helps you from wasting money on channels that aren’t working.

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