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undefined Are you worried about Instagram’s algorithm? If you haven’t heard, Instagram has recently switched over their algorithm to display the most relevant content at the top of a user’s feed. Long gone are the days when posts showed up based on the time posted.

Since the algorithm is pretty new, marketers need to find ways to get their posts in front of their audience. Here are some ideas on how you can combat Instagram’s new algorithm.

Campaign Specific Instagram Links

The fact of the matter is, Instagram is not a great platform for selling. Posts with too much promotional language do poorly. Instead, your brand should take a human approach by offering funny, useful, or interesting information.

With that being said, you can get people off of the platform and onto your website, where you’ll have more control over what they see. Since Instagram does not allow links within the description of the post, include a CTA with a link in your bio so that the user can easily get onto your site.

User Generated Content

Social media is called that for a reason! You should be social and engaging with your audience. Ask them for pictures that incorporate your brand, mission, or values. For example, if you sell outdoor hiking gear, ask people to share pictures with you on their Instagram of them hiking or their favorite places to hike. You may even want to create a specific hashtag to drive even more value and people back to your Instagram profile. This can help get more eyes on your content, as well as create a fan base full of brand ambassadors.

Use Instagram Stories

Have you noticed the live videos at the top of your Instagram platform that resemble Snapchat stories? Instagram has recently incorporated stories into their platform which make it an excellent opportunity to get in front of your audience.

  Posted: Tuesday, September 27th, 5:34pm 3 years ago

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