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  Posted: Wednesday, September 7th, 3:00pm 3 years ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Dafne Canales

Dafne’s expertise lies in creating strategic roadmaps for companies to grow their business through unique marketing approaches. Her company, Spartan Spark, works with million dollar companies, advising them on how to grow their business by using strategy and technology more effectively.

Through articles, vlogs, training and speaking engagements, Dafne shares her marketing knowledge, showing business owners how to leverage all the knowledge they have and use technology to their advantage to increase visibility and lower their cost of acquisition.

End to End Marketing Process

I wish I was on Page 2 of Google

The Spartan Spark Process

Spartan Spark’s general CRM system and their entire platform was a complete game-changer for management of contacts, management of leads. Their entire system for web presence and digital marketing was why we hired them in the first place.” -Kimberley Simonson, Marketing Manager, One Eye Industries.

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