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undefined It’s no secret that companies are looking to get more brand recognition. Creating a custom URL shortened link for social media is one way to do that. Plus, it can help you save more character space in your posts!

This article explores how a branded URL shortener can improve your social media engagement.

Branding Shortened Links

You may see an ugly link like or some other anonymous short link. Bitly found that branded domain names can increase click-through rates (CTRs) by up to 34% on Twitter.

Branded links are an underemphasized and underexplored marketing tactic, however, they can certainly boost your brand awareness and click-through rate.

A branded URL is easily identifiable and legible, which means more people are likely to click on your link to view your content.

Pepsi, Amazon, and Beats by Dre are just some of the brands that use branded URLs to make their content stand out. Examples of these links are and

Boosting Word of Mouth

If people can say it and remember it, they are most likely to share it with others. If they can’t, they won’t.

Making the URLs you share easy to pronounce will increase your view-through conversions. (The number of people that don’t click on a link, but type it in and visit it later).

Claim Ownership on your Content

Branded URLs help companies take ownership of the content they share.

You can also change the destination URL in the future, too. This is great, especially if you are running a campaign that shares new content over a period of time. Visitors will be able to remember the custom URL.

The Bottom Line: Custom URLs

Increase your brand’s engagement, trust with your audience, and click-thru rates with a custom URL. The few extra minutes that it takes you to develop the custom URL for your next social media post will have a huge impact on your brand.

  Posted: Tuesday, October 18th, 3:10pm 3 years ago

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