In this episode of Lemons-to-Lemonade I talked to Dawn O'Connor about how silence can be used as a productivity hack! She shares details about a study that's been done on mice, which was also extrapolated to humans, where it showed that if you experienced silence for up to 2 hours, you actually grew new neurons that are functional brain cells and help with focus and concentration and creativity!

Why we love her?

  • She's sold 2 businesses, a home organizing business and a national corporate productivity training business.
  • She taught for the Bill Gates Foundation for several years.
  • She went skydiving to overcome her fear of heights. And even though she loved skydiving, she is still scared of ladders and the glass floor at the Calgary Tower, and she's a native Oakvillian and refuses to go up the CN Tower.

Dawn O'Connor – Productivity Ninja, Time Management Trainer, Facilitator, WPO Chair, Alberta

As Master Productivity Ninja, Dawn is incredibly passionate when it comes to productivity, time management and helping clients experience their own “ah ha” moments. She is always looking at things from the client’s perspective and tailoring learning experiences to individual needs, quickly identifying the pain points and finding the best solutions. Whether it’s a workshop or at-desk coaching, she delivers every session in a fun, fresh and engaging way.

Throughout her twenty-three year career, from larger corporate environments to running her own small business, she has coached thousands of people, facilitated monthly meetings for the Women Presidents' Organization and helped many people get organized, save time, reduce stress and increase productivity.

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