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Hidden Text - what's the big deal about illegitimate SEO?

I'm sure you've heard the rumor around the water cooler, or have seen some websites that have a TON of text on the bottom. Sometimes, you can't even see it, but if you scroll your mouse you'll highlight text that was written in white on a white background - making these keywords "secretly imbedded" within the website.

Why would anyone want to embed keywords?

When the search engines send their "robots" to look at your website, they search for relevant key words, the more key words you have on the subject, the more of a subject matter expert you appear to be. The robots don't know that website con-artists has white-on-white words, it just searches for words without being able to detect (at first) if they are the same colour as the background. But Google has a team of very smart people who's only job is to look for website owners who are trying to "beat the system," so eventually these people get caught or get reported.

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So what does Google want? All Google wants is for you to be the subject matter expert, they don't want to give the #1 spot on a page to someone who has no valuable content - because it wreaks their reputation as a reputable search engine, showing websites on its first pages as those with the most content for key words searched.

Instead of secretly imbedding the words why not write relevant articles with your key words in them. It'll take more time than these illegitimate techniques but your Google ranking will increase for the long term. Write several articles. The more content you have the better your ranking will be. Keep this golden rule in mind: "If it's good for your visitor it's good for Google." They just want you to have an informative website, is that too much to ask?

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