Black Hat Link Farms

Link Farms - what's so bad about them?

If you do some research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method's you'll soon find out that a way to get more "points" is to have other pages link to you. Have you seen those websites that are just a ton of links on a page? Have you ever gotten spam that asked you for a link exchange even though they had nothing to do with your business?

There are now a ton of sophisticated techniques that are automated through software to create these link farms, which is essentially spamming the index of a search engine. Stay away from those kinds of techniques if you want to increase your page ranking for the long run.

Spartan Spark Recommendation

What you want to do instead is have reputable websites link to yours and have minimal links going out of your own website. Joining the Better Business Bureau, or other Associations related to your industry who list their members websites is a great way to start the legitimate linking process. If your company is featured in the news, make sure you ask them to put a link to your website on theirs etc.

End to End Marketing Process

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