A simple summary of the way search engines rate your website can be explained by thinking of it as a points system. The search engines give you points for doing things they "like." On the other side, search engines have banned websites for doing things that try to cheat the system.

Here are some tips compiled by the experts at Spartan Spark to help you wrap your head around Search Engine Optimization.


SEO Page Rank

Page Rank is a number from 0 to 10 assigned by Google. It measures how popular/important your site appears. This is the metric that all search engines assign each page of a website.


  • Content is King. Be the authority on your subject.
  • Be dynamic — your website has to use the right software, change often, and have perfect syntax.
  • Have reputable links pointing to your site. Be wary of giving your links away.

SEO Blog Analysis

Blogging is a great way to reach your target audience with your thoughts, opinions, and offerings on relevant topics.


  • Instead of having a blog with a blog service taking search engines points away from yourself, add blogs to website yourself.

SEO Crawlability Analysis

Crawlability means how effectively the search engines are able to index your content. That means each and every webpage should be automatically discovered by search engines.


  • Always use text navigation on your top and side menus.
  • Use Internal Referencing of pages, so that similar or relevant pages are linked on your website.

SEO Title Tag Length

The title of your webpage is the most significant contributor to your relevance score. It needs to be concise yet descriptive, and unique for every page. When you do a search, the Title tag is the one that shows up in bold letters.


  • The title of a page should be a brief description of the content found on the page and should be approximately 15 words max.
  • The primary keyword of the webpage should be present in the title tag, as well as 2 or 3 other relevant keywords

SEO Meta Description Length

The meta description is a summary of the specific webpage that is displayed in the search results. The summary should be used to highlight keywords and keyword phrases on the webpage.


  • Should be 150 characters (or) 30 words (or) a 2-3 sentence description of the page.
  • Since it will be displayed in the search results, keywords are important.

SEO Header Tags

There are 6 levels of headers (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc), starting from the title of the page. Each heading has decreasing significance. These headers draw attention to specific areas of the page, and these efforts contribute to your page rank.


  • Use headings appropriately, just as you would when writing a document.
  • There should ONLY be one Heading 1 on each page as the search engines consider it spammy to have more than one
  • Your H1 should contain relevant key words if appropriate but most importantly should reflect the content on the page
  • Every single page on your website should have ONE H1

SEO Body Words Count

Body Words Count tells you how many words are on your page. Pages need to be concise and broken down into digestible pieces of information for quick consumption.


  • Split long pages into various different pages. Page size should be 300-1500 words.


SEO Linking Domain

This is the number of unique domains linking to your website. A single domain may link to you more than once.


  • The more unique domains that link to your website, the better you'll do in the search engines.
  • So make sure you're using various resources — not just one website/friend who links over and over again. That doesn't count!

SEO Domain Age

This is simply how old your domain is based upon its registration information. Domain longevity can influence the trust of your website.


  • If you're re-branding your company, talk to your SEO expert about a strategy that can be implemented to capitalize on the credibility of your existing website.
  • If you have multiple domain names, there are techniques to maximize your online presence by having your websites work together.

SEO Domain Expiry

Most experts agree that you should register your domain for a long time because search engines factor domain "stability" when looking at your pages. Google and other search engines may penalize websites with domains that are set to expire soon. The reason for this is that many spam sites are often registered for short periods of time.


  • Register your domain for a minimum of 5 years, especially for domains that use email.

SEO Recently Indexed Content

Checks to see if you've had any website updates in the past 30 days. Search engines prefer websites that provide updated content.


  • Incorporate blogs or news articles on the main page of your website.
  • Set a schedule for yourself or one of your staff members to update the website on a weekly basis. Alternatively, have an SEO firm interview you and add to your blog if you don't have time.

Socially Optimized

SEO Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to draw people to your website and offerings. The intent of social media is to draw people to YOUR website, not away from it. It's a great tool for generating interest in your website.


  • Use social media to direct people TO your website — and not the other way around.

SEO Mobile Optimization

Search engines are customizing results for mobile devices, which are making up a growing segment of search traffic.


  • Search engines have announced that they will limit ad serving on smartphone devices if they point to landing pages with Flash-heavy content. So, review your website content.
  • Talk to your SEO expert to see how your website can be mobile optimized.

Other Optimization Fields

SEO Number of Pages

The more pages you have on your website, the better you'll rank on the search engines because they take that to mean that you're a bigger resource.


  • Add pages regularly.
  • Split long pages into various different pages. Page size should be 300-1500 words.
  • Have a policy for reviewing old pages and updating them so that you get new points for renewed pages.

SEO Image Alt Attribute

An Image Alt Attribute is the text that can be included to describe the image, for example when a page loads slowly. Search engines really like these.


  • Make sure that all your images include written descriptions using keywords.

SEO Use Of Flash

Search engines cannot crawl and index Flash, Frames, and Ajax. Excess usage of the above-mentioned techniques tampers the visibility and performance of the website in search engine results.


  • Be careful when using Flash as visitors are quick to leave if it loads slowly.
  • If you decide to use Flash for navigation, make sure you have a sitemap and robots.txt.

SEO Phone Number

Search engines use phone numbers for location-based searching. In addition, customers trust websites with phone numbers and addresses prominently listed.


  • The phone number should be listed in a way the search engine can read it.
  • There are several formats for phone numbers. Talk to your SEO expert about which one works best for your region.

SEO Total Links

This is the total number of links from other pages to yours. Each time someone links to your site, you get more credibility from the search engines. If the website linking to your site has a very high Google ranking, then you'll get even more credibility because they're already considered a trusted source.


  • Look for relevant websites to link to your site to give you more credibility, such as Associations, Suppliers, Customers, Social Media — Tweet & post on Facebook about your website.

Website Resources

Portent has an amazing list of SEO resources on the web, some of my favourites include the Plagiarism Checker tool to check for duplicate content.

End to End Marketing Process

I wish I was on Page 2 of Google

The Spartan Spark Process

Spartan Spark’s general CRM system and their entire platform was a complete game-changer for management of contacts, management of leads. Their entire system for web presence and digital marketing was why we hired them in the first place.” -Kimberley Simonson, Marketing Manager, One Eye Industries.

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