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Whenever you have a business that is totally dependent on new clients, you're vulnerable. If economic conditions change, or a new competitor enters the market, you may suddenly see your customers disappear. Studies have shown that having an additional 2 to 5 percent of repeat customers can work in the same way as cutting costs by 10 percent. Attracting new customers costs approximately 5 times what it costs to retain current customers and cost 6 times more to sell to, then to sell that same thing to an existing customer. (Raymond & Tanner, 1994)

According to Guerilla Marketing Author, Jay Conrad Levinson, Nearly 70 percent of business is lost in North America due to apathy after the sale. Businesses need to intensify the relationship after the sale with caring follow-up and loving attention. Keeping existing clients happy should be as much of a priority as attracting new clients, and the easiest way to do this is through automating those clients interactions.

Customers silently hope for recognition, acknowledgement, information, advance opportunities to purchase and new calls to action. Some of the things you can automate after the sale are sending thank you notes 48 hours after the sale, contacting the customer within a month after the sale to make certain they are satisfied and have no questions, and following up 3 months after the sale to see if they need any assistance from your business.

Your Customer Database can be set up to email your customers periodically to keep your business top-of-mind. Clients can be sent information related to the product they recently purchased as well as reminders of their partners/kids/mother’s birthdays, which can all be tracked through the integrated Customer Relationship Management system.

Increase sales by 70 percent through repeat customers by automating follow-ups

Spartan Spark’s Customer Database provides:

  • Customer can book services online
  • Automated follow-up to increase customer satisfaction & encourage repeat purchase
  • Track customer details, interaction & feedback through CRM database
  • Use CRM to send birthday cards & VIP notice of new services or products
  • Use Forums & FAQ to provide after sales support
  • Fully customizable template emails are sent out automatically
  • Branded Emails & Newsletters
  • Online customer registration for events & seminars with auto- reminders
  • Sort groups of customers so you can send them targeted emails
  • Mark leads as cold, warm or hot - and sort by category
  • Schedule follow up reminders
  • Email System auto send emails in increments so spam filters aren’t triggered

Remember: You can use our built-in Customer Database or we can connect with your existing one, either way, the important thing is that you have a way to track and connect with your leads and clients.

End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

After being frustrated with other service providers. Spartan Spark got our website up and linked to a payment system over just a weekend. -Patricia Marin - Calgary Family Services

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