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Digital Marketing Proven To Increase Direct Bookings



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Hotels and Tourism

We initially started, 7 years ago helping businesses with their SEO by manually optimizing their website. But we could never get the top-tier results we were looking for.

With the search engine algorithms changing 500-600 times per year, SEO is an ongoing process.

Our Solution:

We developed our own algorithm that meshes with the search engines, so your website is constantly doing well in the search engines, instead of just for a short period of time.

*Mobile Optimized

  • Content management included
  • Calls-to-action


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Paid Search

We have successfully managed campaigns in hospitality and tourism since 2007. Over the years we've seen Google Adwords change dramatically, with the latest change in 2016 eliminating all ads on the right hand side, creating extreme competition.

Our Solution:

We pro-actively manage our client's accounts and fine tune to the smallest detail. Our Spartan One software does extremely well with the search engines, which means the "quality score" of our landing pages do much better than traditional landing pages, creating substantial savings on pay-per-click campaigns.

  • Stay ahead of display updates
  • Remain competitive by monitoring analytics
  • Mobile friendly strategy


Email Marketing for Hotels

We work with our clients to create email campaigns that provide value to hotel guests. They build brand identity, announce promotions and create customer loyalty.

Our Solution:

Branded emails that reflect the hotel's identity. We curate and create information that is relevant and valuable to the subscriber and add calls-to-action to visit the website and drive traffic to increase direct bookings.

  • Branded email newsletters
  • CASL compliant
  • A/B testing and analytics to optimize performance


Content Marketing

Our team of writers have experience in telling stories that sell. All of our content is geared to develop a deeper level of engagement between the reader and your hotel. Content marketing also helps engage customers during the research and purchase funnel and drive bookings.

Our Solution:

We use various mediums from written articles to enticing images to compelling videos to cater to different modalities of absorbing information.

  • We do the content marketing for you
  • Content has calls-to-action
  • Created to entice your customers


Social Media Advertising

Social media is an extremely important element of guest interaction. With guests "checking-in" to your hotel on Facebook, and sharing experiences on Twitter, it's important to have a branded presence on the social media platforms that make sense for your hotel.

Our Solution:

We provide a comprehensive audit of your social media and make changes to optimize your profiles. We also monitor the channels for you, so that you can be pro-active to customer feedback

  • Social media audit
  • Posting organic social media content
  • Social media advertising


Smart Data Marketing

By reviewing comprehensive analytics, we're able to make better decisions as to the progress of our marketing for your hotel. With the ultimate goal of driving direct bookings, we're able to see what improvements we can make, or where we can divert more resources to get the results you want.

Our Solution:

We provide you with easy-to-understand reporting that gives you an overview of what's happening with each of your campaigns so you know that your marketing dollars are working hard for you.

  • Monthly reporting
  • Easy-to-understand
  • Goal tracking


Multi-channel Marketing

Our unique approach to marketing hotels is in the multi-channel approach, we take care of everything from your website to your content to your advertising.

Our Solution:

Each channel offers an opportunity to interact with your customer. By having a unified approach you'll ensure a consistent message and an optimal experience.

  • Cohesive marketing campaign
  • Effective way to increase direct bookings
  • We take care of everything

End to End Marketing Process

I wish I was on Page 2 of Google

The Spartan Spark Process

I LOVE MY WEBSITE. The website looks amazing and up to date. I cannot thank you enough. Awesome job. -Dorothy Briggs

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