Increasing Conversions

Increasing Conversion

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle?

We love the 80/20 rule (it's actually one of our company values)!

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From Wikipedia: “The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

If you don’t understand why you need a website (hint hint, to get more sales, not to sit there like a pretty painting on the wall) or how to create a unique customer experience online, then I need to share the hard truth with you - you’re probably only doing 20% of what it takes to have an impact online.

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What that means is that you've probably been working really hard - or spending lots of money - and you feel like things could be better (which is probably why you've read this far down the page).

That gut instinct of yours is saying "somethings just not right" there must be a way to do this better, easier, faster, more efficiently.

And you're right. As always, you gut instinct is right

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That's the same thing we thought when we first started helping businesses with their marketing. There must be a way to do this better, easier, faster, more efficiently.

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What we realized with alot of trial and error is that you don't need to get to the 100% point. You only need to get to about 40, 60, or 80. You just need to move forward using strategies you can test.

Don't try to re-invent the wheel, use OUR gruelling experiences to maximize your marketing dial and move forward from where you are, as fast as possible.

Tell me if you're familiar with this scenario.

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You’ve gone through several experts, and the power of the internet still hasn’t been turned on for your website. You don’t know what you don’t know and those “experts” don’t know either.  sentence above needs to be in a nice image

You’ve hired an expert but the metrics they’re using are not aligned with what you’re doing. Here’s a little secret : the reason they don’t pick the right metrics, is that they’re not in a position to be successful at those, so they just slide those under the carpet.

You’ve hired a bunch of different experts, and that’s not working either because everyone is pulling in a different direction, they’re not working towards a common goal. They’re just cookie cutting your marketing and they’re not being paid for increasing your sales and visibility.

Most of your leads are getting lost between the cracks because some person, possibly calling themselves an expert, that’s handling your [insert method here - website, social media…] didn’t set up the account properly.

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Here are some specific scenarios we see all the time:

[image idea: Cool rectangle that people can click to see the 3 examples below] Your request quote or call to action, has too many fields so visitors aren’t filling it out, and plus, half the time it’s broken anyways and you had no idea

Your adwords person is sending traffic to your home page but bidding on the wrong keywords, costing you tons of money

The average business owner spends a ton of money on bringing traffic to their website and then is disappointed when it doesn’t work, but what happened was they had high bounce rates and no-one is filling out their forms, but they don’t know that, because they not experts at analyzing the analytics for their website, or they don’t know how to Split Test their opt-in forms.

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So you start complaining (and rightly so!):

“We’re not getting any leads from social media, social media doesn't work!"

“We're not getting any leads from blogs, stop blogging!”

“Our marketing company kinda sucks!”

The Proof is in the Pudding. THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!

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So what do you do?

Hire Spartan Spark. 1888XXXX

Lets see what the data has to say: [image idea: Each of the sections below has to be in a rectangular box that that they can click and takes them to another page]


  • Are you getting sales from your social media efforts?
  • Do you even know if people are visiting your site from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Local?
  • Have you optimized and maximized your strategy on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Google Local?
  • Do you know which of your competitors posts are most successful on Facebook?\
  • Are you even wearing pants?


  • Have you tried Google Adwords?
  • Do you know how much money you spent and how many leads you got?
  • Do you know how much the drop off was on your landing page?
  • Do you know how many people converted and called, emailed or filled out your form?
  • Do you know all the different avenues to advertise online other than paid social media postings and Google Adwords?
  • Do you know where to post to?
  • Do you have campaigns on social media that correlate with your website content and your advertising?

Website & Search Engines

  • Does your website perform well on mobile?
  • Do your web pages load in less than 3 seconds?
  • Do you know which pages of your website visitors are enjoying, and which ones they're clicking away from quickly?
  • Does your website do well on the Search Engines?
  • Do you dominate the 1st page of Google for your business name?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Does it entice visitors to interact with you?
  • Do you have any kind of marketing automation in place?
  • Do you know where you're supposed to list your website?
  • Do you know who's linking to your competitors' websites?
  • Do you have a strategy for creating engaging online content?
  • Do you have a strategy to pull visitors in, or do you push them out to social media and other websites?
  • Do you plan your monthly content based on campaigns and analytical data?

Customer Interaction

  • Do you stay in touch with your existing customers on a scheduled basis?
  • Do you know if your e-newsletters get marked as spam?
  • Do you have a one-click method to keep track of the leads you receive?
  • Do you have a way to track when and if your staff is interacting with your clients?
  • Do you know who is visiting your website? The pictures they like? The words they want to hear?
  • Do you have a reputation management strategy?
  • Do you have a method or strategy to be proactive about reviews and testimonials?

Okay. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! So now that your brain is spinning like a fidget spinner, you're probably wondering "What the heck is Google Local anyways?"

When is the right time to hire us?

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  • 1. You're afraid to dip your toe into the water because you feel like the online world is an abyss of ever-changing technology, and the advice you’re getting is conflicting and confusing. (All true, because unless you're living this day-in and day-out, there's no way you can keep up.)
  • 2. You're savvy and know about the tech, but you're probably relieved that there's a reputable marketing company out there who knows what they're talking about both on the marketing and the technology side can take care of all this for you.
  • 3. You have someone on your team who has been taking care of your marketing, but you feel like something is missing. They just need some guidance from experts who see the big picture.

What we're doing here is huge.

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The fact is, what we're doing here is HUGE. It takes more than one person to do it – it takes a team of dedicated experts. Here at Spartan Spark each person on our team specializes in a different field of online marketing. That's how we can accomplish so much for our customers.

Our systems and strategies work best when we have someone from your team working with us. They’re the experts at what they do and we’re the experts at what we do. And in that way, we get the best results.

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I wouldn't hesitate to use Spartan Spark again, and in fact continue to refer them to just about anyone looking for top notch development resources. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

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