Jennifer Doelle Young

Jennifer is a professional editor and proofreader with over 12 years of experience writing and editing a variety of content, from technical guides to academic papers, blog posts to contemporary fiction.

She is also a published author of nonfiction, human-interest essays, and her work has appeared in newspapers and anthologies.

Conscientious and detail-oriented, Jennifer is almost fanatical about spelling and punctuation, and yes, she is silently correcting your grammar.

In all seriousness, Jennifer is passionate about language and specifically writing as an essential medium for communication and self-expression.

She strives to deliver high quality content that is accurate and error-free. No matter how compelling and informative your material is, if it's riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, it will lack professionalism and negatively impact your credibility.

Yeah, Jennifer pretty much believes that editing is a superpower.

Jennifer lives in Bradford, Ontario, where she enjoys the tranquil view from her home office and generally tries to avoid large crowds and face-to-face contact.

Her hobbies include reading, photography, and learning new recipes that don't make her family ill.

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