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We build smart websites that work for you.

Do you dominate the 1st page of Google for your business name?

When people go to your website do your visitors know within 3 - 7 seconds what you're offering?

Do you have calls-to-action on your website?

Do you have any kind of marketing automation in place?

Do you know who's linking to your competitors' websites?

The average business owner spends a ton of money on bringing traffic to their website and then is disappointed when it doesn’t work, but what happened was they had high bounce rates and no-one is filling out their forms, but they don’t know that, because they not experts at analyzing the analytics for their website, or they don’t know how to Split Test their opt-in forms.

So what do you do? Hire Spartan Spark.

We realized that it's not good enough to have an optimized SEO system, you also have to have a website that converts visitors into leads. We built a marketing funnel based on marketing strategy and proven user experience methods.

Some of the key elements we've included in our marketing funnel:

  • Email opt-in. Get your visitors to share their email with you by offering them a free incentive (such as a checklist or discount)
  • CRM. Keep track of customer interactions and preferences
  • Automated emails. Send out a series of automated emails with valuable information and follow up.
  • Engagement. Keep your potential customers engaged and remind them of your unique offering via automated monthly newsletters that are integrated directly to your blogs.
  • Customer Segmenting. Keep your different types of customers on different lists so you can send them targeted and valuable information.

Spartan Spark’s Search Engine Optimization automation is combined with two decades of marketing strategy, user experience, and marketing psychology to create a lead generation system that thrives on search engines.

The system is called "spartanOne" —a full suite of marketing software to generate leads for businesses.

Examples of SEO automation that that no-one else in the industry is doing.

  • SEO configurations at the server level
  • Automated internal linking built to maximize web-crawling.
  • Specially formatted FAQs tailored to match search engine searches.
  • Specially formatted and date stamped blogs that auto-release to improve search engine results.
  • Implementing Schema.org.
  • Fast loading pages, including optimized pages that load under 1 second.
  • Easy to create unlimited pages so website shows up well in the search engines.
  • A SEO dashboard that showing when Google last visited the site and if there are any pages that need updating.
  • Extensive research and development to keep up with algorithm changes and SEO best practices.

Content Creation

  • Do you have a strategy for creating engaging online content?
  • Do you have a strategy to pull visitors in, or do you push them out to social media and other websites?
  • Do you plan your monthly content based on campaigns and analytical data?

What our customers love about us is that we're a hybrid, a unique combination of Marketing Masters and Software Gurus. Our team of writers, graphic designers, social media experts, multi-media producers and, most importantly, data analysts are on a mission is to make sure that what we’re designing for you is not only engaging but also creating conversions.

Well, Spartan Spark is your one-stop shop for all your needs. Our team of writers, graphic designers, social media experts, multi-media producers and, most importantly, data analysts are maniacs! Our mission is to make sure that what we’re designing for you is not only engaging but also creating conversions.

We Help You Follow Up Effectively with Leads

  • Do you stay in touch with your existing customers on a scheduled basis?
  • Do you know if your e-newsletters get marked as spam?
  • Do you have a one-click method to keep track of the leads you receive?
  • Do you have a way to track when and if your staff is interacting with your clients?
  • Do you know who is visiting your website? The pictures they like? The words they want to hear?
  • Do you have a reputation management strategy?
  • Do you have a method or strategy to be proactive about reviews and testimonials?

At Spartan Spark, we believe that the fortune is in the follow up. If you aren't following up effectively with your leads or past clients, you are leaving money on the table. Period. Hiring Spartan Spark makes sure that never happens again. We set up a fool-proof, automated follow-up system for our clients that includes a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), lead tracking, lead routing, lead scoring, string email and mass email.

Our back end technology is completely integrated and easily enables our clients to perform these three core follow-up functions:

1) Follow up with new leads instantly

2) Follow up with the hottest leads daily

3) Follow up with past clients who are most likely to list or refer you business

When you hire Spartan Spark, you don't even need to worry about writing the emails or coming up with clever ideas. We have a team of copywriters on staff who research and craft the messages for you, plus we have a library of proven templates that convert buyer and seller leads ready for you to use.

We Help You Through World Class Coaching

At Spartan Spark, we take pride in making the best better. Our co-founders are two of the most influential people in the industry and the coaching that Spartan Spark clients get in One-on-One, Group and Live Event settings is in a league of its own. We don't just sell you our system. We hold your hand every step of the way.

Our LinkedInMastermind Group is a vibrant place where we share best practices, new templates, case studies, client success stories, brand new technologies and online marketing strategies that are working right now.

All of our coaching is available on demand, on any device. We have completed dozens of hours of technology, sales and marketing coaching that you will get instant access as soon as you sign up. Our robust archives include sessions like:

“The 30 Minute Spartan Marketing Method" : Step-by-step techniques to set up your digital marketing funnel" "Making It To 1" How To Generate 100's of Leads from 1 Page on Google" “Storytelling: Tapping into Your Existing Resources” - making that personal connection with your audience to achieve your business goals. Every new coaching session we do is added to our library within 24 hours.

End to End Marketing Process

I wish I was on Page 2 of Google

The Spartan Spark Process

I LOVE MY WEBSITE. The website looks amazing and up to date. I cannot thank you enough. Awesome job. -Dorothy Briggs

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