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It’s all about establishing a powerful, genuinely compelling BRAND.

If you BUILD it, they will come.

We’re SPARTAN SPARK. We can make that happen.

Your unique leaders in successful online sales and marketing, we help law firms grow their brand through authentic storytelling and captivating, education-based content.

Using our proprietary software, we create sales pages designed to inform and influence your target market, thereby increasing the QUALITY of the leads you receive while decreasing the amount of TIME you spend qualifying them.

The changing digital landscape and the importance of brand awareness pose distinct challenges for law firms typically facing the following when it comes to their marketing efforts:


Your Solution

At Spartan Spark, we have what it takes to make that lucrative difference for you.

  • Our own proprietary algorithm that ensures prime Search Engine Optimization
  • A proven track record of success in service-based lead generation
  • Our founders have 20+ years of experience in unique, guerilla-style digital marketing strategies
  • Federal and Provincial backing through grants awarded to fund our innovative technology and the 7 Second Trust Formula™️
  • Our personal, hands-on approach to client service that makes collaborating with Spartan Spark not just another contract but a true, ongoing partnership.

Clearly, given our superlative results-based reputation and exclusive techno-strategies, Spartan Spark is a cut above your typical digital marketing agency.

Through our groundbreaking combination of behavioural MARKETING and search engine TECHNOLOGY, Spartan Spark’s clients have the best of both worlds in online sales strategy.

We understand your time is money

Since the key to success is establishing a foundation of trust with your potential client as quickly as possible, our experts use a specialized content marketing formula that essentially allows your digital sales funnel to do the educating, to tell the authentic story of your organization, your values, and your mission, giving your online audience a clear understanding of who you truly are behind the scenes .

When your potential clients have already connected emotionally with your firm’s essence, your objectives, and motivating dynamics, actually bringing them on board is now a much more streamlined process.

Now, add to this SpartanOne, our proven, proprietary “search engine optimization” technology, purposely created to give your message prime exposure both on your website and on your social media platforms, so it becomes much easier and more appealing for your potential customers to discover more about what you do.

Why hire an outside marketing generalist for your firm when you can partner with our premier team of Spartan Spark experts?

Effective Digital Marketing

Lead generation is what we do. It’s our passion.

Let us take care of what we love to do — for YOU — so you can keep doing what you love, worry-free, knowing you’re in the RIGHT hands.

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Based on their outstanding work and great relationship we kept them on board to manage the day to day development and operations of the site. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

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