Helping law firms grow their brand through authentic, education-based content and story telling.

A client a day

Imagine if you could get one to two new qualified leads each day.

The changing digital landscape and the importance of brand awareness poses unique challenges for lawyers.


What makes us unique?

The Spartan Spark team is unique. We've got decades of experience in Digital Marketing, creating data-based information platforms. From a software perspective, we're also highly unique in that we receive federal funding for the R&D on our web-based software.

We create sales pages, using our proprietary software to educate your target market, increasing the quality of the leads you receive, and decreasing the amount of time you spend qualifying them.

  • Algorithm that meshes with Search Engines
  • Awarded Federal and Provincial grants
  • Backed by the banking industry
  • A track record of success in service based lead generation
  • 20+ years in guerilla-style digital marketing
  • Awarded grants for our innovative work on education-based content and the 7 Second Trust Formula™️

We understand your time is money

WHICH IS WHY WE'RE HANDS ON. We're more like a partnership than an outside firm. Instead of hiring a marketing generalist for your firm, you can partner with our team of experts at Spartan Spark to get your marketing taken care of, so you can keep doing what you love.

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End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

I LOVE MY WEBSITE. The website looks amazing and up to date. I cannot thank you enough. Awesome job. -Dorothy Briggs

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