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How should I set my website up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices?

Search engines have a point system that has been extensively studied by Spartan Spark for more than 10 years. Spartan Spark is the world's first SEO and marketing automation platform. Our SEO algorithm is updated on a weekly basis to follow the constant changes and updates in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a really complex and ever changing methodology, as a quick overview, below are some SEO best practices that Spartan Spark Recommends:

Make sure your web developer is doing these as a minimum
  • Having a properly indexed Blog on the home page that you write on consistently, gives you a better indexing because the search engines come back more frequently to check your website.
  • Create unlimited pages easily, the more pages you create, the better your search indexing
  • Have a Content Management System so you're able to easily change any of your pages - keeping your content fresh and relevant
  • The pages automatically have high search density by using key words set up by the business owner
  • Linking two words together creates a new page, whose URL also contains those words which adds to higher search density
  • Auto Link Density - Pages automatically link to each other. Pages that are referenced are included at the bottom of each web page allowing for high search density and better indexing by search engines
  • All pages have "last changed on" which is important for search engines
  • Headings are important to search engines. Search engines like you to format your pages just as you would a document: Level 1,2,3 Headings, bolding, and italicizing
  • Make sure all your pages are WC3 compliant which means that the search engines are able to read the pages
  • Loaded on fast servers, giving your website even more points with the search engines
  • Servers that are geographically dispersed, search engines give extra points for that because it means you're a big company
  • There are no parsing errors
  • There is no use of flash
  • Make sure your page speed is optimized
  • If you've got more than one url for your website you need to redirect or use a meta tag called conical to say which ones is the one true one otherwise you are splitting your Search Engine score between the multiple urls you have and getting penalized for copying content
  • Make sure any links pointing to your website (backlinks) are from reputable sources. Indexing 3 or 4 or higher. And who are using best practices, otherwise if they get penalized you will to. Ask to be removed.
  • Making sure your website is 100% mobile friendly, not just visible on mobile devices but actually mobile friendly.

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