Mars Blinds Marketing Assessment

Mars Blinds,

We're really delighted to present this assessment with some information on how Mars Blinds can improve their marketing efforts.

What We Do

What we do is make lead generation more efficient. How we do that is by combining search engine TECHNOLOGY and behavioural MARKETING.

We have a specific content marketing formula that we use with all of our clients' marketing. It's based on 20 years of research and about $50k in grants for the "trust marketing" research that we do. Essentially, it's about how to get people to trust you as fast as possible so that your digital sales cycle does the educating, and closing the sale becomes efficient.

We combine that with proprietary technology that we've created to help boost that message on both social media and your website — to make it more appealing for both your potential customers and the search engines to find out more about what you do.

Because of our track record and the results we achieve for our customers, we are usually 2x to 4x more expensive than typical marketing agencies. We would need to know a few more details on what you've done so far, so we can make some more specific recommendations. See below to find out more about our next steps.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the ways we help companies of all sizes.

Some Examples of Client Work

An example of work that would relate to your business would be the work we've done for Park & Jet. You can read the Project Summary and view their website and social media to see the kind of work that Spartan Spark does around brand voice and engagement strategy to generate more sales for companies.

Next Steps

Our recommended next steps are to take our "Complimentary" 45-minute Shameless Marketing workshop to explore the specifics of how you can leverage digital marketing.

45 Min Shameless Marketing Workshop

Thanks so much. I hope you've enjoyed our information. I look forward to going over the details with you and your team.

Dafne, Spartan Spark

403-460-5077 Ext 3

I wouldn't hesitate to use Spartan Spark again, and in fact continue to refer them to just about anyone looking for top notch development resources. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

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