Enzo the Ninja is one of the coolest guys we know. He's got a You Tube Channel where he plays video games and he loves getting new followers.

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Enzo's Brown Bag Fundraiser

Hey Entrepreneurial Family!I promised to keep you posted on Enzo's fundraiser. 

He printed a little sheet on Sunday and cut it up to give it out to people in the neighborhood for his bottle drive. He went to over 100 houses and spoke to 61 people.

We collected about a truck full of bottles.

He also wanted me to show you guys the budget he made (I helped with some of the final calculations).

On Friday night he sat down for about an hour to figure out how much his fundraiser would cost. He researched on superstore.ca for the cost of each of his items and he says he's happy that he's got a rockstar lunch for just $2 a person.

Ok, if you guys have any bottles or juice boxes or brown bags. We need 200 of everything. So let us know!! 

Hello Neighbour, We are students in Grade 6  from Tom Baines School and are doing a community service project. The project we have chosen is to make 200 brown bag lunches for the Mustard Seed to help feed the homeless. The Mustard Seed is a foundation that provides shelter for the homeless. 

We would appreciate if you could donate some of your bottles. The funds will be used to purchase the supplies we need to make 200 brown bag lunches to help people in need.

If you need to contact one of our moms you can call Dafne (Enzo’s Mom).  403-990-9013

Budget - $403.28 Funding Needed

  • bread - OldMill WhiteBread - $0.16/pp-$31.40/total
  • sandwhich meat- no name brand - $0.50/pp-$99.60/total
  • cheese - no name cheese - $0.15/pp-$30.67/total
  • lettuce - romaine lettuce-$0.12/pp - $24.83/total
  • margerine- I cant believe it's not margarine -$0.01/pp $1.96/total
  • brown bags - $0.03/pp - $5.96/total
  • granolabars no name chewy - $0.22/pp- $44.25/total
  • chips -no name potato- $0.18/pp- $35.88/total
  • fruit -fruitsations - $0.45/pp - $89.33/total
  • juice boxes- cool aide -$0.20/pp- $39.40/total

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