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[[image http://public.spartan6.com/images//imageManager/95GreekWarriorXmas.jpg align="right" style="padding:5px" Greek Warrior Stocking]] Quick 6 December Update

It's already December 13 and I just HAD to send out a quick email to all our Spartan6 supporters. Thanks again for supporting us on our launch on August 13 either through email blessings or in person, can you believe that it was 4 months ago to this day! Well I just wanted to give you an update on what the team at Spartan6 has been upto!!!

By the way.. for those of you who attended have you seen the fabulous pictures yet?? View Spartan Spark Launch Pictures

We had so much fun we're planning on having another Spartan6 Wine and Cheese in the Spring - we'll keep you posted.

Six Quick Updates:

# *We moved to larger server and mail spaces so that we could easily scale our business in the future and ended up spending over a month on beefing up our security . Watch for more security updates on our Blog because it's incredible how much "turbulence" there is right now on the net. And you won't even believe us when we tell you why levels are higher than they've ever been before. # We hired a wonderful young lady named Brittany who is an excellent writer and and excellent doer of everything. We're also excited to have Abraam join us in the new year, a Computer Science Major who is currently doing his Commerce Degree at the University of Calgary. # Dafne has been madly working away at some very interesting joint ventures which we will announce in the new year! # Preparations for the Spartan6University are also underway, we are hoping to launch some great information on SEO and doing business online through a Spartan6 University portal. A complimentary portal that will have extensive information on doing well in the search engines and protecting yourself online. (We don't have all our pretty pictures up yet - but we thought you wouldn't mind because the content is very useful!) # Alot of people were excited about our complimentary SEOAnalysis - so if you haven't gotten one done yet, make sure you jump on it, because there WILL come a time when we won't be able to do them anymore! They have been very insightful to those who have asked for one and many people have been able to immediately implement many of the points detailed in our analysis. (They come complete with our direct Spartan Speak translation of what everything means - "No Geek Speak, No Acronyms!" # We've been getting ALOT of referrals from distressed people who have had a bad experience with either software, their websites or even realizing that their so called SEO expert (the niece's cousin's nephew) was doing shady things and they're now on the verge of getting Google Slapped . Why are these desperate calls for help coming to us? Because people who KNOW our track record, KNOW that there is absolutely NO I.T. PROBLEM that Bernie ( The IT Warrior) can't solve. * That's a bold statement, I know. But I also know Bernie. Try us! I dare you!

I'm going to leave you with those Quick 6 updates and will send more in the new year. We are brewing up a TON of really neat stuff in our Spartan Cauldron and will keep sharing with you as we go along. Whatever WE learn, we're passing it on, so that you too can grow your business online.

//Happy Holidays from the relentless defenders of Good Business People - The Spartan6 Online Militia Team!//

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I wouldn't hesitate to use Spartan Spark again, and in fact continue to refer them to just about anyone looking for top notch development resources. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

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