Results Based Marketing

What do we mean by Conversion Marketing?

We're not your typical marketing company. We don't want to do your flyers and update your Wordpress website. We're not going to post pictures of cats and say cute things about you on social media.

What we ARE going to do, is get you leads that convert to sales. End of Story.

We've got 17 years of Guerrilla-style marketing under our belts and we combine that with our innovative software to get kickass results.

Think of us like a Master Chef, we've figured out which recipes work to cook that juicy steak on the barbecue or make those deadly cupcakes.

Through trial and error we've figured out our own "secret recipe" for what works to get QUALIFIED visitors to your website, that turn into phone calls and emails, increase purchases at your business and signups to your programs.

We use our secret recipes on everything related to being online.

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Results Based Marketing

  • Social Media - Yup, we've got a secret combo for that.
  • Website - Yes-ma'am, we know how to get visitors to give you a call or send you an email
  • Search Engine Optimization - We're dynamite when it comes to SEO, we've even got our own software and algorithms that mesh with the search engines.
  • Reputation Management - We've also got some great secrets up our sleeve for that one.

And the great thing is that we can prove it. Everything is documented and measured, ROI's are calculated, mathematical equations are computed ,and online marketing jargon gets tossed around.

All joking aside, yes we explain to each of our clients how their campaigns are going, and what each of the stats means and they can plainly see how many emails and phone calls they're getting. There's no denying the work we do.

What's really impressive is that we're a hybrid, a unique combination of Marketing Masters and Software Gurus. So what that means to you is that we take care of what your customer sees - ie. Making You Look Good - and we also take care of all the technology that goes into making that happen.

Peace of Mind Technology

We take care of your:

  • Domain Registration - We'll never let it expire on you!
  • Set up & Host Your Emails - With corporate level security and fail-safe features.
  • Set Up Your Automated Emails - For getting more leads ofcoarse
  • Your Website - We hand-deliver a website with all the bells and whistles that you can easily edit yourself, or we can update for you.
  • Hosting - We even configure our servers in unique ways.
  • Lead Tracker - We've taken the time to develop a one-click way for you to manage all the leads we're going to drop right in your lap.
  • Custom Integrations -If you're unique we can build anything for you.

Check Out Our Case Study on XXXXX

So, if you've heard enough, and you want more sales…. Give us a call and tell us what you're all about, so we can see if we're a good fit for working together.

End to End Marketing Process

I wish I was on Page 2 of Google

The Spartan Spark Process

Spartan Spark’s general CRM system and their entire platform was a complete game-changer for management of contacts, management of leads. Their entire system for web presence and digital marketing was why we hired them in the first place.” -Kimberley Simonson, Marketing Manager, One Eye Industries.

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