Technology Security Updates

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] Security Updates

Security is a growing concern for many businesses and is of utmost importance to software providers that offer their services through CloudComputing. From a platform perspective, Spartan6 does regular updates of their systems every two weeks so that they include any changes from their upstream software providers such as MySQL, PHP and Apache. In addition, they follow the GLSA (Gentoo Linux Security Advisory) and any alerts directly affecting their platform with a high risk of vulnerability, are corrected immediately with updated deployments happening within 24 to 48 hours

Constant Updates at No Charge to Our Customers

Not only do we update software, but we constantly update our security systems keeping our clients and their clients safer from malware and online criminals. And like any good Spartan - our security is among the strongest in the industry, with our security being of top priority in our business.

In fact, our company was "temporarily on hold" for over a month earlier this year - we were unable to accept any customers as we ramped up our security due to some serious threats happening online, that our experts were able to perceive before they became a hazard to our clients.

*We take online security seriously. We're not re-active about security, we're PRO-active. *

Access Control Level Permission System

Evolve SoftwareÂ’s applications are built from the group up with security in mind, and include a customizable Access Control Level (ACL) permission system; which allows different levels of permissions for users on each of the applications. For example, an administrator might have different levels of permissions than an employee, who might have different levels than an external client or user.

Compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP

The Evolve system also has the ability to use a Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server for authentication, which is the companyÂ’s own internal system for securely storing passwords. This means that if a client already has Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP set up, any applications they use that require a password would link directly to the clientÂ’s existing security information, rather than duplicating it. The benefit of this is that it reduces the number of locations where confidential passwords are stored.

Pro-Active Approaches

Security traffic is monitored daily, and as new patterns emerge, the causes are investigated in order to proactively find and eliminate security concerns along with addressing and improving user experience. These changes are completed with the highest priority, at no extra cost to the client.

*Read our Security Case Studies to find out more about the way Spartan6 handles security. *

End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

Spartan Spark’s general CRM system and their entire platform was a complete game-changer for management of contacts, management of leads. Their entire system for web presence and digital marketing was why we hired them in the first place.” -Kimberley Simonson, Marketing Manager, One Eye Industries.

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