What Bernie Uses

What Bernie Uses….

People are always asking "What do you use?" So I figured I would put together a page that details that… Sometimes I like to bleed a little too much, so I figured it would be good to include what I recommend to my mom/mother-in-law. My wife put it "If you are in school (or capable of learning) you should follow *For Me and if you are post school and set in your ways, you should follow the Mom-in-Law column (unless you already comfortable with that, then in Chrome highlight the For Me * column, right click, and click "Search Google for For Me"

If there is a link in *For Me then you should try my suggestion… If the link is in Mom-in-law * then be conservative – you probably know me, so the one that yields less calls is best ;)

Category For Me Reason Mom Reason
Search Engine Google Search Fail to see alternative… Google Default setting….
Social Network G+ G+ lets me have groups of friends, and i can follow people I like, with google search awesomeness, and I am there anyways. Facebook Mom can't adopt G+ until her children do.
Phone Samsung Nexus Galaxy with CM9 GSM nightly Android for me, because it has more then one button. Either way you are using the cloud. Apple Iphone It has one button.
IM gtalk I can switch from computer to phone to tablet, with text, voice or video. ah and free calling? skype so easy a 3 year old can use it… maybe a 5 year old after the major upgrade…
Tablet Asus Transformer Prime (bricked) I need a keyboard for ssh and my life. IPad (old) "Yes Mom, the only button…".
Browser Chrome Fast, safe, simple… shared bookmarks across computers. If you have an Android phone you *have to * use Crhome. Just start browsing from where you where on your desktop/phone/work. Wow. Chome / Firefox Google is installed but sometimes mom finds the Firefox icon first…
Laptop Apple Air Slim and easy, just works, awesome battery life. Biggest, fastest. Apple Macbook Soon she will counter-inherit a Macbook Air…
Desktop Linux Ubba Station Focus on work, same versions as production systems. Hope for the Linux Desktop (lol)… "I have one at work…" Enough said for mom.
Language PHP and C++ for fast Quick and dirty, and the couple 100,000 lines of code I own… PHP is easy to convert to mod_apache for more awesome and less wicked… Spanish So that I dont understand what she is saying… (kidding, it's her first language she can't help it ;)
Editor Wiki Collaboration instead of *colloberation * Microsoft Word / Apple Pages Just like in 99 y'all!
TV Formula1 Pursuit of Excellence. Performance Driven. Team Performance. Days of our Lives …//type-less//…

The list of things mom doesnt know about…

Category For Me Reason Web server apache so flexible, so simple, just works….
Repository Hg Patches, TortiseHG, distribution, ahhh…. happy life for dev/release manager… should probably look at Git…
Hosting Amazon Web Services (AWS) Where do you even start? Automation, LBs, Nodes deployed in minutes, Monitoring, Notification, Backups… I like my life to be easy?
Database MySQL won because of superior documentation, fast, lost of others with examples, grows with you easily… Amazon thinks its pretty good too…
IDE PhpStorm/VisualStudio2010 Php Stormis what Eclipse/Zend should have been years ago and more… Visual Studio 2010 for C# is like Eclipse with 5 hours of plugin installations – and not slow.. Err. you need to install Resharper and dotCover in 5 minutes and GTG


I plan to keep updating this, now that it exists, if you want to know what I use, send me an  info@dcbl.ca

Used to use

Category For Me Switched Because…
OS Linux /etc i can fix with sed…. when is wmic sed coming? and because I am going to run it on everything!
Linux Distro Gentoo Minimized attack vector. Might switch to Kbutububtua or ChromeBook? Amazon is hugely replacing this. Either need a solid gentoo on amazon or amazon on virtualbox.

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